An Interview with Sola, a cycling club success


SCOREscotland runs a cycling club for women on Thursday mornings as part of their Green Futures Project.

The project aims to work with members of black or ethnic minority groups to raise their awareness of climate change and support them in living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. We sent our trainee community reporter Craig to interview Sola, a recent success story and their newest cycling enthusiast.

I had never ridden a bike before  but I wanted to learn, I thought it would be a good way to get fit and would help me get around… I thought it would be a really easy thing to learn, my children all know how to do it but when I got on the bike I was so wobbly! I kept falling! I was quite scared at first but through working with the group and the teachers keeping telling me “you can do it”  it helped build my confidence.

The first time we went on the road I told everyone that they should phone an ambulance! I was so scared, I made sure that I was in the middle. We went from WHALE around Calder and Dumbryden, when some cars went by it was scary but it was exciting!

Straight after training I wanted to get a bike. I didn’t want to waste time and forget anything. I looked on the internet every night checking Gumtree, then I found one in Argos. I was so excited I was watching the clock. I went all the way to the Argos in Craigleith since it was a good price. I was asked how I would get the bike home since I wasn’t driving, I said: “I’ll drag it if I have to!”

When I got it home I was so excited I had my bike I couldn’t sleep. I had a chain but every little noise I was checking, going “Is my bike still there.” Im so happy since I started cycling I feel healthier and I’m getting fitter.

I would like to thank SCOREscotland for giving me this opportunity to learn how to cycle when I thought I never would at this stage in my life. I would tell anyone that they should cycle and tell them to be courageous and stick at it, keep positive and they will be able to do it in the end. If I can do it then anyone can! It would help them be environmentally friendly, keep fit, not need to buy petrol and they would get to feel the wind in their hair as they cycle!

For more information about SCOREscotland and their Green Futures Project then please visit their website.

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