Warm your home this winter – and save money

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Making simple changes will help to keep your home warm this winter, improve your health, and may also save you money.

The increasing cost of energy is a concern to everyone, and the Warm Your Home awareness campaign has been launched by The City of Edinburgh Council to help people heat their homes as effectively and cheaply as possible.

The campaign helps people living in Council homes to get energy saving advice from Home Energy Scotland before the cold winter weather arrives.

A person is defined as living in fuel poverty if they need to spend more than 10% of their household income on heating. In Edinburgh, it is believed that around 22% are fuel poor, with pensioners often being at the most risk.

Edinburgh Housing Leader Councillor Cammy Day said:

“Residents have told us that a third of them have found it difficult to pay to heat their home, but it’s vital for their health that they stay warm, particularly for the most vulnerable.

“In the past five years, the Council has invested around £30m in new heating systems and insulation so that homes are cosy and energy is not being wasted by escaping through doors and roofs. We’ll continue to invest in energy improvements, and tenants can also play their part by making simple changes, such as making sure that thermostats are working, and checking bills to make sure that you are on the right tariff..

“I’d also like to remind people to look out for elderly neighbours and friends when winter arrives, and make sure that they are safe and well.”

The Warm Homes discount is offered by most of the big energy companies, and can save up to £140 off your winter energy bill. For advice about this discount and saving energy, contact Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282, free from mobile phones and landlines.

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