Open Space Report

All the information, comments and suggestions from the Open Space Event are now in a report that is being shared across the community.  Held on the 25 April, the day was full of lively discussion, raising many important issues.

The groups that came together on the day kept notes of everything that was discussed as well as their agreed action points.  Wester Hailes Youth Agency organised an Open Space event for young people after the main event which showed similar levels of enthusiasm and interest from those taking part.  The report has now been compiled of all that was recorded at both events and has being passed over to the Wester Hailes Community Council as the representative body for the area.

The report forms an important resource of local priorities but it also highlights the interest people had in taking on actions themselves to make a difference in the area and to bring about the future they want to see for Wester Hailes.

If you want to get involved in any of the action topics just get in touch with the Community Council on their Facebook page or email them at

Is there an issue you think should be discussed by the community?  Have you got ideas, solutions, action points that you want to suggest or take forward.  Let the Digital Sentinel know! You can either submit your story, or email

2015-04-25 Open Space Event

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