Redpath’s Corner: Professional boxers double up as salesmen

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Since I announced my next fight on September 5th at the historic Meadowbank Stadium in Edinburgh, I’ve been overwhelmed by the support I’ve received.

I’ve sold over 100 tickets already and there’s seven other boxers and some big names on the bill such as Stephen Simmons and David Brophy so it will be a guaranteed sellout show.

The fact that it’s in my hometown of Edinburgh and due to the size of the stadium and the names that are appearing on there are the reasons why I’ve sold a lot more tickets. Everyone keeps calling it the big one!

However, it’s not always the way. On my debut I sold over 100 tickets but then in my next fight I only managed about 70.

I have to spend every day trying to sell tickets. It’s a pain but it’s got to be done because it pays my wage. You have to hit the hundred mark to stand a chance of getting a decent wage.

It’s very time-consuming and laborious constantly reminding people and talking it up on social media trying to push the fight as much as humanly possible. We, as professional boxers, basically double up as salesmen.

I’ve travelled all the way to Fife before just to sell six tickets which was a two hour round trip.

Most fans will buy their tickets in advance but you always get the last-minute, eleventh hour ones that will get it from you on the last few days when you are meant to be relaxing and mentally preparing for fight night.

I have had people even asking me on the day of the show for tickets, that’s happened several times actually.

I know other boxers that have carried that stress into the ring with them before but even though in my last fight I didn’t do as many tickets as I would have liked, I still stay focused on my job in the ring.

I’ve had friends help out before by taking a couple of dozen from me in one go which is a great help. I’m very fortunate that my sponsor Westsider Bar took 40 odd tickets for this fight to sell behind the bar for me which was a great help.

But I’m so thankful for the support from everyone. I’ve even got family coming up from Manchester to watch me so I’m pretty pleased with that.

I’ve recently just been provided with a new website from Tweed Solutions which has the facility to purchase tickets online so I would urge everyone to grab theirs from there if you are planning on coming –

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Team Redpath would like to thank sponsors Westsider Bar Edinburgh and Multipanel Collection and Tweed Solutions and PR Manager Tim Rickson

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