Community groups discuss what would make Scotland a fairer country?

LogoGrassroots community groups are holding events throughout Scotland during the next few weeks to discuss how to make Scotland a fairer place. Inequality, poverty, deprivation, crime and isolation are among the hot topics being discussed, along with ideas about how we can tackle these issues together to shape a better future.

The costs of running an event can be met by the Fairer Scotland Engagement Fund, which aims to help small voluntary organisations and community groups gather views on how we can create a fairer Scotland. Grants of up to £300 are available for events taking place by 16 October 2015. The application deadline is 12 October 2015, so there’s still time to apply – and Voluntary Action Fund (which manages the fund) wants to hear YOUR views about what a fairer Scotland could look like.

Carrick Community Councils’ Forum has received a grant to hold a special meeting to discuss the issues that matter most to people, what needs to be done and how they and their community can play a role. “I wish all grant applications took such a small amount of time!” said Julia Whitaker. “This gives us better time to prepare for our meeting agenda and to make sure the attendance is the best it can be and we make the most of the time with our community representatives.”

The fund is aimed at organisations with an annual income of under £25,000, to enable grassroots groups to have their say, and engagement activities must gain the views of at least five individuals. For example, ALTERnativity will invite 25 partners and supporters to share their views about financial fairness, emotional well-being, inclusion and community linkages in anticipation of the lead up to Christmas: a time when debt, stress and loneliness are a reality for many.

Further details about what’s eligible and how to apply can be found on the Voluntary Action Fund website at

The Application Form and Guidance Notes can be downloaded directly from

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