Local resident launches call to action to make our streets safer

IMG_2914Serge Cornu, a local resident from Dumbryden has urged local people to join together regarding the lack of pedestrian crossings along Dumbryden Drive and Murrayburn Road.

As a father of a small child Serge has noticed that many of the roads in his surrounding area lack pedestrian crossings. He argues that though this may be okay if you are on your own, it is unsafe and unfair to have to rush across the road while pushing a buggy, pram or managing small children.

Are you a parent with a buggy or young children, a dog owner who simply wants to walk your dog in the park, or maybe you simply like to go for walks. Have you too noticed the lack of pedestrian crossings in the Wester Hailes, Longstone and Sighthill areas? Have you too been made to wait with your children at a junction because drivers will not stop for pedestrians because there are no pedestrian crossings?

If you have been in this situation and think this ought to change, please come to the next Wester Hailes Community Council meeting so we can voice our concern and put the issue on the agenda. It will take place on Wednesday 7th October at the Wester Hailes Library.

If you are affected by this issue but cannot make it, please e-mail me your support at sergecornu@hotmail.com

IMG_2916Serge feels this concern is particularly justified with the fact that this means there are few safe, convenient way to visit Hailes Quarry Park or to join the Union Canal towpath, both of which might be appealing to someone with a small child.

Having been raising his concerns for some time now, Serge has been in touch with several local councillors as well as Living Streets, a charity which focuses on making streets better for pedestrians. He has been told by Councillors that there are no funds in the current budget to create a more suitable crossing and so has decided to try to rally community support to pressure the council to make sure that any future budget has funds allocated to improve the road.

Serge will be raising this point at the next Community Council meeting on 7 October 2015, 6.00pm – 7.45pm at Wester Hailes library and would appreciate anyone who supports his view to get in touch with him at sergecornu@hotmail.com

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One comment on “Local resident launches call to action to make our streets safer
  1. Sorry, the article doesn’t even mention the time of the meeting! How silly of me!
    It’s from 6pm to 7-45pm on 7th October at the Wester Hailes Library!

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