1 week left to enter our Wester Hailes By My-Selfie Competition

Our latest competition at the Digital Sentinel is hotting up!  We have been receiving lots of selfies from in and around Wester Hailes.

There is still a week left to enter your selfie of you in your favourite place in Wester Hailes.  This could be you in your kitchen cooking up a curry, like our Community Reporter David.

curry in a hurryDavid’s Curry in a Hurry

Or you at your place of work.

IMG_0176Sheba Nyathi, owner of Nissi Grocerries at Murrayburn Gate

Your selfie can be from anywhere in Wester Hailes.  See our gallery below for a selection of our local selfies.  You might even recognise a few faces!

Email your selfies to digitalsentinel@whalearts.co.uk.

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