Vandalism at Calders Community Garden

Calders Community Garden Willow

Vandals have targeted the Calders Community Garden, uprooting trees and plants, and destroying some of the hard work done by local people and community groups.

It is thought the vandalism took place on the weekend beginning Friday 6 May 2016 and has continued over the warmer evenings. The vandals snappedĀ oneĀ of the new fruit trees, uprooted hand-weaved willow tree circles, destroyed a willow arch and pulled some of the new seedlings out of the nursery beds. We have added photos of the damage at the end of this article.

If you would like to support the garden and take part in in some community gardening the Willow Gardening Group meets every Tuesday at the Healthy Living Centre at 12.45pm, before walking along the canal to the garden. They hold a lot of events so make sure you follow their Facebook page to keep up to date with everything they do.

If you have any information please contact Police Scotland on 101.

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