Prospect begin installing new boilers

Prospect Office

With winter now bringing colder temperatures, Prospect Community Housing has decided it’s the ideal time to start installing new, more energy efficient boilers in some of their properties.

Our new contractor PH Jones will be working hard over the next 6 months to replace 100 gas boilers in Clovenstone Park and Drive. These new boilers will improve the existing heating systems, be more energy efficient and hopefully result in lower gas bills for Prospect tenants. The boiler replacements are part of our planned maintenance programme for this year. We earmarked £1.2 million for 2016-2017 to spend on improving our properties with other work including our shower programme, electrical testing and painting.

If you are worried about your fuel bills or want to find out how to reduce your energy use, you can contact Changeworks who provide specialist independent energy advice for free. You can phone them on 0131 555 4010 or email

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