WHCT Funding for Cloventsone

Mo Connolly (WHCT Secretary) presents Sas Martinez (Clovenstone Community Centre) with project funding.


The Wester Hailes Community Trust has presented a cheque to Clovenstone Community Centre in the latest round of awards presented by the organisation.

The award in the form of £2,170 will allow the community centre to pursue plans to create an inspiring video with local young people hoping to show them the variety of people from Wester Hailes, including those who have made a positive difference in their lives, disproving stereotypes that if you are from Wester Hailes you can’t be successful. The video will be produced by local young people, allowing them to get hands on experience with editing, interviewing and creating media. It is planned that when finished it will be used in schools.

Speaking after receiving the award, Clovenstone Community Centre Manager Sas Martinez said:

Absolutely delighted to be supported by WHCT. We hope that we will produce a short documentary that will show Wester Hailes in the light it deserves, which is a very bright one.

Priscilla Marongwe (Chairperson) speaking on behalf on the Community Trust said:

Wester Hailes Community Trust is delighted to support purposeful new activities that allow local people to respond to community priorities.  We would encourage all local residents and organisations to join the growing membership of WHCT and to share their ideas for making a  positive difference to the community.

The Wester Hailes Community Trust is currently open to applications you can find out more about the Trust as well as download an application form here.

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