Community Herbal Clinic Turns One!

We have had a great article sent in to us from the Wester Hailes Community Herbal Clinic celebrating their one year anniversary!

Before Christmas was the first birthday of the Wester Hailes Community Herbal Clinic! What a great year it has been. We are very grateful to all who have come to us as patients, grown herbs for our medicines and to those who have referred patients to us. We thank you so much for your support.

Herbal medicine is the oldest system of medicine in the world. In some countries it is still the most accessible form of medicine, with knowledge of plant remedies passed down through families. Before modern drugs came about, it was far more widespread here and Scotland has a rich herbal tradition. Many of our most useful pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants, so ancient knowledge has evolved in our times.

At the Community Clinic we see the value in using plants that have been grown in our country to treat the people living there. This is because the plants have adapted to our environment just as we have. Over the past year we have attempted to source locally grown herbs for our clinic and are making links with some of the community gardens around the area to grow plants for us that we can use for the local people. Plants that don’t have to be shipped across the world retain more of their strength and healing potential.

We use a wide variety of plant remedies to treat common health complaints. Herbal medicine is based on a holistic philosophy; aiming to treat the whole person, not just their symptoms and disease. So this means we look into your physical, psychological, and emotional health as well as your social and environmental circumstances. A herbal prescription is then made up according to your individual need. The aim is to promote health and healing.

Most conditions which are treated by a GP can be supported by herbs. We can also help you to make changes to your lifestyle and diet to improve your overall health.

Now that winter is drawing in, it becomes a bit more challenging to remain healthy and energetic. Herbs can give your immunity a boost, improving resilience to winter bugs. They can also support your emotional and psychological health during the darker months.

Our clinic has evolved over the year. We have seen over 100 patients and now have a fully stocked herbal dispensary on site, a far cry from the early days with our tiny cupboard. We couldn’t have come this far without the support of the staff at the Health Agency who have welcomed us and adapted to having us around so gracefully. Thanks so much!

In more recent months we have had medical students observing us and a researcher from Edinburgh University doing a project on how we have fitted in to the HLC. This has all been down to the ongoing support and encouragement of the Wester Hailes GPs and we thank you very much too.

Please come along for an appointment. Clinic is open on Wednesdays from 9.00am – 6.00pm. We have recently secured more funding to keep our prices low for local residents and staff within the HLC. Contact the Health Agency reception on 01314539400 or  to make an appointment and for more information.

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