Council announce changes to bulky waste uplifts

Edinburgh Council has announced that they will be changing the pricing of their bulk uplifting service to £5 per item up to a maximum of 10 items instead of a flat £26 rate.

Here is more information from the Council’s website.

To request an uplift of bulky waste items or if items are damaged or can’t be reused please phone

0131 529 3030.

When booking, let us know if you are disabled or if you have a medical condition and may require help. Use this service for large household items like

  • mattresses
  • furniture
  • TVs
  • washing machines
  • fridge freezers
  • carpets

that are broken or damaged and can’t be reused.

If you phone us to request an uplift, we will find out what you need collected and arrange a collection day. Only items you have told us about will be picked up.

Your items should be on the kerbside for collection by 7am on your booked day.


From Monday 23 January we will change how we charge for special uplifts.

Standard special uplifts of household items will cost £5 per item, rather than £26 for up to six items.

Standard special uplifts include

  • mattresses
  • furniture
  • electrical appliances.

The maximum number of items in one uplift is 10.

It’s £30 for up to and including 28 bags of garden waste. This includes

  • branches that have been bundled and secured
  • clippings
  • cuttings.

We will discuss the charge with you if you require more than 28 bags picked up.

It’s also £30 for up to and including 15 bags or items of building materials. This includes

  • rubble
  • tiles
  • plasterboard
  • paving slabs.

We will discuss the charge with you if you require more than 15 bags picked up.

Items we can’t accept

We won’t uplift the following items

  • pianos
  • storage heaters
  • household wheelie bins
  • car tyres
  • safes
  • barbed wire
  • spot welders
  • gas cylinders
  • garden poles with cement still attached
  • oxygen cylinders
  • cast iron baths
  • asbestos / hazardous
  • electric or manual wheelchairs
  • fire extinguishers
  • household waste
  • food or sanitary products
  • car batteries
  • clinical waste or liquid waste (oil and paint).

Cancellations and changes to booked uplifts

Booked uplifts can only be cancelled or changed up to 11.30am the day before your uplift is due to take place. We can only accept changes and cancellations by phone.

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