Prospect Community Housing advertising vacant properties

Prospect Community Housing has announced that they will be advertising three properties this week on Key to Choice.

Prospect advertise upcoming vacant properties via the website Key to Choice where, as long as you have completed an Edindex application form, you can register your interest in any property advertised.  The following week, they receive a list of all the applicants who have bid in priority order and we then contact the applicants in most need to begin the allocation process.

Over the last 18 months we’ve not had many vacancies but this week we are advertising 3 properties, a two bedroom flat, a three bedroom house and a rare four bedroom house.

The properties will be advertised on the Key to Choice website from Friday 20 January until Friday 27 January 2017.  If you need help to use the site or want more information, just contact Prospect at their office or give them a call on 0131 458 5480.

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