Man Sentenced for Assault on Flatmate

A 32-year-old man has been sentenced for attacking a 32-year-old woman in her own home.

Andrew O’Brien subjected his flatmate to a prolonged assault on 8th October 2016 at their address in Sighthill Drive.

As a result the victim sustained serious injuries.

O’Brien pled guilty in court and was subsequently sentenced to 39 months in prison and was also given a 100-year Non Harassment Order.

Detective Constable Dougal Begg of Corstorphine CID said:

This was a highly traumatic experience for the woman, especially as it happened within her own home where she would expect to feel safe and secure.

During the police investigation she has shown the utmost bravery and I hope this sentence is of some comfort to her

A crime of this nature will absolutely not be tolerated and we will use all resources at our disposal to bring perpetrators before the courts.

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