AIBA President pays a visit to Clovenstone Amateur Boxing Club

Clovenstone Amateur Boxing Club had a special visitor today!

Dr Ching-Kuo Wu President of the Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA) visited the gym as part of AIBA’s historic first visit to Scotland.

AIBA has been holding a week of meetings with Boxing Scotland to promote and work upon the recent successes in the sport and develop a new generation of boxing heroes. The President paid a visit to the local gym to celebrate their recent successes and congratulate them for all the hard work done by the gym and its staff.

AIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu, an architect and former Taiwanese basketball player, has been an IOC member since 1988 and served as an Executive Member of the International Boxing Association before his Presidency.

President Wu met with Rab and Craig McEwan and chatted about the gym and the work they do. He was then introduced to some of the gym’s regulars. After they all paid a visit to the Clovenstone Cafe in Clovenstone Community Centre for some coffee.

You can follow all the great stuff that goes on at the Clovenstone Amateur Boxing Club on their Facebook here.

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