Police target drug use at Westside Plaza

Police Scotland have released a statement following a week of focused activity targeting drug use at Westside Plaza after the issue was raised by several community members.

During the week commencing Monday 15th May 2017, plain clothed and uniformed officers engaged in focused activity at Westside Plaza, Edinburgh. This was in response to concerns raised by local residents regarding antisocial behaviour and drug related activity in the area.

As a result of this, one woman and five men were charged with drug related offences, three individuals were arrested on outstanding warrants and a further two people were charged with other offences relating to disorder and antisocial behaviour.

A drugs warrant was also executed at a nearby address resulting in a man and a woman being charged with supply offences.

Please keep feeding us your concerns. Through receiving information from you, we can continue to take action and keep you and your community as safe as possible.
Police Scotland.

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9 comments on “Police target drug use at Westside Plaza
  1. Its a great idea the should do it more often helps keep every one safe also do it at sighthill shopping center aswel

  2. Load of rubbish, there would have been a lot more arrests than that! I still get asked if I want a gram before I go in for my shopping. It’s been going on under police scotlands nose for years and it’ll never change. Too busy chasing fines instead of dealing with real issues. Useless!

  3. About time something gets done about them there’s crowds of them and they just do what they want when the want drinking taken drugs intimidating people it has to stop!

  4. wish the police would deal with the drugs in our stair my house is stinking with it but they getting a way with it something need do

  5. its been like that for 30yrs plus hated going in that place to do shopping you never knew if you would get hassle for money asked to buy drugs or threatened with violence,it just had a horrible feel to the place, im away from their now and lifes improved so much for it, and its great to go shopping elsewhere and be relaxed and be able to enjoy the experience

  6. The police need to be doing this and more to stop all the drug selling and to stop people being out there faces outside the centre as I myself was on drug’s (not heroin) but got myself of them and it really puts me off going shopping to the centre having to see people like that and my kid’s have to see people like that it’s a shame as the centre would have a lot more custom if people didn’t feel depressed going shopping having to see that and what makes it worse they have kid’s with them and it’s just as bad at Sighthill they all need to grow up they don’t deserve there kid’s keep up the good work police

    • I saw a young woman out of her face pushing a buggy with her eyes half shut! Her friend looked a bit better heading in that direction , what life do these kids get. Police should linger at the nurserys and schools too!

  7. i totally agree i do not go to centre without my husband used to go to bingo up there too till i was attacked by a crowd of people out of there faces at the bus stop well done police scotland in getting rid of a few of them

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