Cats Protection Snip and Spay campaign

Cats Protection are running a special campaign allowing cat owners who live in the EH postcode, who are on a low income or benefits, to have their cat spayed or neutered for £5.

We are offering all eligible cat owners the chance to get their cats snipped or spayed for only £5!

To be eligible cat owners must be in receipt of means tested benefits, low household income, f/t student or pensioner. We are also offering free transport to the vet for neutering if needed and also free cat carriers.

Getting your cat snipped or spayed  helps protect your cat from developing some cancers and also against picking up horrible diseases like FIV and Feline Leukemia.

For more information please contact Sarah (Community Neutering Officer) on 0797 643 2709. Help protect your cat and get them snipped or spayed!

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