Local residents wanted to share their Wester Hailes stories

The Digital Sentinel has been contacted by Katy Brown, an Urban Studies student carrying out research on living in the outskirts of a city – with one of her chosen areas being Wester Hailes.
Katy is keen to speak with local residents to speak about what its like to live in Wester Hailes, the sense of community in the area and how Wester Hailes and Edinburgh has changed over the years.
You can find out more information below:

I’m a student looking for Wester Hailes residents to share some of their stories of living in the area with me.
I’m originally Scottish and went to Edinburgh University, now doing further study at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Although I’ve never lived in Wester Hailes, I know and am fond of the area from having played basketball at WHEC every weekend as a teenager!
I am currently doing a postgraduate degree in Urban Studies, and as part of my final research project I’m looking in to what it is like to live in a more peripheral location of a city – both the good and the bad! Wester Hailes, towards the outskirts of Edinburgh, seems like an ideal place to study. I was on the Edinburgh Council website browsing some of their development initiatives and came across Digital Sentinel under a section about voluntary and community events.
Seeing Wester Hailes is one of my areas of study, I am trying to speak to as many people as possible from the area on themes such as:
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the area (as well as in comparison to areas previously lived, if not lived in Wester Hailes whole life)
  • Changes to the area and Edinburgh more generally in recent years
  • The sense of community in Wester Hailes
If you are at all interested in sharing some of your stories and answering a few questions I have about the area, please do email me on:
Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!
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