Prospect plan new Boilers For Clovenstone

Prospect’s planned maintenance programme for 2017-18 includes the installation of 83 new boilers in Clovenstone Park and Clovenstone Gardens.

These replacement boilers are more energy efficient and easier to use which we hope will help reduce gas bills this winter. A contractor to deliver the works has now been appointed and we will be writing to tenants in these two areas in the next few weeks to give them more details and installation dates.

The boiler replacements are part of Prospect’s planned maintenance programme which incorporates ongoing maintenance, required replacements, planned improvements and regular inspections/ testing. You can see what has been planned for where you live on their Planned Maintenance page. Or you can email them at or phone on 0131 458 5480.

If you are worried about your fuel bills, you can contact Changeworks who provide energy advice for free. You can email or phone them on 0131 555 4010.

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