Help support local foodbank

The Broomhouse Foodbank offers free packs of food to families and individuals in crisis. They are asking if anyone could spare any donations of food or toiletries.

The Broomhouse Foodbank is located in the Community One Stop Shop, 3 Broomhouse Market, Edinburgh, EH11 3UU. Supported by donations of non-perishable food, they are able to make a difference to families living in poverty in our area.

They would welcome anything you could spare but would greatly appreciate donations of:

Tinned meals, UHT or powdered Milk, Soup, Pasta Sauces, Pasta, Rice, Couscous, Tinned Vegetables, Cereals, Tinned Meat/Fish, Biscuits, Tinned Beans, Toiletries

Donations can be handed in at the Community One Stop Shop. For more information visit the Shop’s website or contact them on 0131 443 6223 or If you are in crisis and need help with emergency food provision, please contact them immediately.

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