Champions Tale an innovative South African Dance comes to WHALE

Be-United and The Champions will be holding a music and dance workshop at the WHALE Arts centre on Wednesday 18 October 2017, 10.00am – 11.00am.

BE United & The Champions have co-produced an exceptionally unique and invigorating show;  Champions Tale, combining performance art and dance with restorative dialogue.

Champions Tale tells the story of one young man’s life growing up in rural South Africa. A story of secrecy, lies, confusion and hope. Journey with Tinkler straight to the heart of a rural South African township and connect deeply with his personal story, learn what dance means to him and his community.

Champions Tale is an innovative art form allowing the lines between audiences & performers to become blurred and real learning to occur. Let ‘Champions’ Tale’ take you on emotive journey, discovering South African joys, traditions, social norms, respect and experience the dreams of a new generation of young South Africans.

For more information about the workshop contact the WHALE Arts Center on 0131 458 3267 or

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