Charity football match with Hearts and Hibs Legends for local family

A rallying call from the local community will see Wester Hailes players join the Hearts and Hibs Legends for a special charity football march to raise money for a local family.

The match, which will take place on Sunday 29 October 2017 at Paties Road, EH14 1JF, 2.00pm kick off, is raising money for the Robertsons to purchase an Eyegaze community aid for their son Dean who has dystonic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. The device will improve Dean’s quality of life by tracking his eye movement to allow him to interact with technology and help him communicate.

The match came about after Thomas Horobin and other members of the local community, who are friends with the Robertson family, got in touch with the Legends to see if they would be willing to support the fundraising drive. They were thrilled to take part and came to meet with Dean and his family to lend their support.

The family have already raised over £6000. After purchasing the Eyegaze they plan to donate the rest to CHAS (Children’s Hospice Association Scotland) particularly Rachel House Hospice which Dean has used over the years and they would like to give something back.

Speaking about the match Deans’ mother Karen said:

It’s great to see the local community rallying together. Wester Hailes has had a bad reputation in the past but the community is amazing. These kids who are helping are all friends of my children and knew Dean growing up and now they are all into good jobs some of them own their own businesses, it’s great to see them helping out. The community really sticks together. It was great when all the players came round. Dean is a massive Hibs fan and his face just lit up.

I can’t wait to see everyone who is taking part, and the whole family on the pitch together. My oldest son Martin will be captaining the Hearts team, my other son Craig the Hibs team, my husband who used to play Amateur football will be returning to the pitch for a shot in goals and Dean will be taking the ball on to the park.

I just want to thank all the local people and Prospect for their support in this and over the years. We have a saying that you’re our inspiration to reach for the stars.

The teams are now full but tickets are still available, adults cost £10 and concessions/kids cost £5. You can get a ticket by contacting Karen Robertson on 0131 531 2457 or or can pay at the gate.

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