Edinburgh Council launch consultation on diesel parking surcharge

A new consultation being run by the City of Edinburgh Council asks should diesel cars incur a parking permit surcharge in Edinburgh?

As part of the Parking Action Plan, the Council is reviewing parking permits in the Capital in a bid to improve air quality and enhance quality of life.

The three-month consultation, which went live today and runs until 28 January 2018, seeks feedback on a proposal to add a surcharge on to residents’ parking permits for diesel vehicles.

Diesel vehicles work best for longer journeys on motorways, but are not well suited to shorter and slower trips in built-up areas like Edinburgh’s city centre. There is growing evidence to suggest that diesel engines:

  • contribute to poor air quality
  • increase the risk of lung cancer
  • can cause heart attacks and
  • reduce life expectancy

Major European cities such as Paris and Madrid have pledged to ban diesel vehicles entirely by 2025 and at least nine London Boroughs have already introduced a diesel surcharge on residents’ parking permits.

With an estimated 8,000 diesel permit holders’ vehicles in Edinburgh, the Council needs to consider how it can tackle pollution, enhance air quality and improve the health of people living and working in Edinburgh.

Councillor Lesley Macinnes, Transport Convener, said:

Evidence is mounting that diesel emissions are causing serious health problems and worsening air quality in cities across the globe and many cities are already taking steps to combat this. We’re keen to see what people in Edinburgh think of the idea of adding a surcharge to residents’ parking permits for diesel vehicles.

I’d urge everyone to take a few minutes to complete the online consultation and to let others know about it as well. After it closes on 28 January, we’ll review the consultation feedback in a report to a future Transport and Environment Committee before deciding next steps.

Find the consultation on our Consultation Hub. All current holders of residents’ parking permits will be contacted directly about the consultation and paper copies will be available in libraries and local offices.

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