Gearless And Fearless in 1984

After our article about the Wester Hailes Children’s Circus, we were asked if we could find some photos of young people on bikes. We think this relates to a set of photos in the Sentinel archive taken in August 1984 to go with an article about BMX biking. Back in the early 1980s this was a new craze starting to take off and the Sentinel ran a two page feature to showcase BMX biking to its readers.

First there was the Hula- Hoop, then came the skateboard and now there’s BMX- the bicycle that’s sweeping the nation and taking Hailes by storm.

The WHEC held a BMX competition and the Sentinel reported that 3 possible sites had been identified for a permanent BMX track where bikers would be able to practice their stunts away from the footpaths and traffic. They also photographed a group of keen BMX bikers in Wester Hailes Drive.

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