Scottish Government launch Local Governance Review

The Scottish Government and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities have launched a Local Governance Review, which aims to make sure local communities have more say about how public services in their area are run.

The review will involve hearing from communities all across the country to get a clear understanding of the type of changes that are needed, and how these can be made to happen.

Communities Secretary Angela Constance said:

The Scottish Government and COSLA stand together with the community sector to launch a comprehensive review of how decisions are taken about those things that matter most to local people.

A transformation of local democracy can be best achieved by looking at how public services work with each other, and inviting communities to identify the powers and resources they need to thrive.

National and local government know the only way to really put people and places first is if we listen carefully and with intent to what communities – large and small – want to see happen.  We will take the conversation out into communities in the new year.

COSLA President Alison Evison said:

Scotland is a diverse place, and strong local democracy really does matter to people’s lives.  One size cannot fit all. For the first time, this Review will look at the changes that are needed across all public services, and local and national Government, to give communities more say in decisions that impact on them.  This is an exciting challenge, and I look forward to what might be achieved. Get it right and the prize is better and more equal communities in every part of Scotland.

Angus Hardie, Director, Scottish Community Alliance said:

The launch of this review is very welcome. It’s also very timely because it feels like a natural next step, building on the interest and activity generated by the Community Empowerment Act.

This is a fantastic opportunity for communities all across Scotland to shape how the decisions which affect them the most are made. We look forward to working with COSLA and Scottish Government to make sure that these discussions are genuinely led by local people in their communities..

You can find out more information about the Local Governance Review here.

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