14 Bird species spotted in Hailes Quarry Park

Despite the freezing temperatures, Hailes Quarry Park had many visitors during December. Des Loughney from Longstone Community Council has reported that the following bird species were sighted in the park:

  • Blackbird
  • Black Headed Gull
  • Blue Tit
  • Bullfinch
  • Carrion Crow
  • Feral Pigeon
  • Herring Gull
  • Jackdaw
  • Magpie
  • Pied Wagtail
  • Redwing
  • Robin
  • Starling
  • Wood Pigeon

In addition, Goosander, Moorhen and Mallard were seen at the Union Canal.

Abby Boultbee from the Edinburgh and Lothians Greenspace Trust said,

Hailes Quarry Park has a great variety of wildlife, even in the winter months, and it’s great to have a regular update about the species that are visiting the area.

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