Lights, Camera, Action – Prospect call out to potential extras!

To help celebrate Prospect’s 30th birthday this year, the organisation has partnered with WHEC Filmmakers to produce a short film to mark the occasion.

Filming will be taking place on Monday 13 August and Tuesday 14 August around Wester Hailes.  Would you like to be an extra?  If so, please join them around the bench in Westburn (Pictured above) on Monday afternoon or at the Dumbeg playpark on Tuesday afternoon.  Bring the kids and their scooters, put the dog on a lead and pop down for a juice, snack and the chance to be in a film celebrating your communities.

The film will premiere at Prospects 30th Birthday party on 4 September, 7.00pm at WHALE Arts.  All Prospect tenants are invited, let them know and transport will be provided.

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