Volunteers Wanted by Edible Estates

Construction has started of a new neighbourhood garden on the Greenway in Murrayburn and Hailesland and South West Edible Estates would like to put the call out to anyone who would like to volunteer with the construction.

Activities will include:

  • Shed Building
  • Path Construction
  • Making raised bed planters
  • Preparing Ground for Growing Fruit Trees/Shrubs and Vegetables

If you have existing construction skills we’d love to utilise them or if you want to learn some news skills, you are more than welcome. We are super keen to support young adults in the area interested in gaining experience working on sites.

They will usually be on site daytimes, Monday to Saturday. If you are interested in lending a hand then pay them a visit or contact them on steven@edibleestates.co.uk or 07704 315 934.

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