Edinburgh Council Low Emissions Zone Consultation

The City of Edinburgh Council have launched a new consultation on the proposed implementation of two Low Emission Zones, one covering the City Centre applying to all vehicles and another covering the entire City applying to commercial vehicles.

The Councils proposed plans are:

A city centre LEZ applying to all vehicles, introduced within a short period of time, would tackle the worst concentrations of air pollution in a densely populated area, with the highest number of workers and visitors.

The proposed boundary includes the most polluted streets within the city centre, whilst allowing non-compliant vehicles to be able to take an alternative route. The effect of the city centre LEZ will mean cleaner vehicles operating across the whole of the city.

To address pollution in areas beyond the city centre (in particular Air Quality Management Areas) we are proposing a city-wide LEZ applying to all commercial vehicles (buses, coaches, HGVs, LGVs, vans, taxis, and private hire cars).

Commercial vehicles contribute more to overall emissions per vehicle, as they have large engines and repeat more trips across an area. Across the city, commercial vehicles make up one quarter of trips but are responsible for two thirds of the pollution.

More information about the Councils plans and reasons for proposing the zones can be found on their Consultation Hub. You can have your say and take part in the consultation online here.

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