Prospect Allocations Policy Consultation

Prospect Community Housing are reviewing their Allocations Policy and would like to hear tenants’ views on the approach they think we should take.

For many years, demand for social housing in Edinburgh has outstripped supply. Currently there are over 21,000 households on the Edindex housing register but only around 2,700 homes become available each year from the Edindex landlords. The allocations policies set by social housing landlords take account of this high level of housing need and define how to make fair and best use of the limited supply of homes available.

Our Allocations Policy has to take account of the legal and regulatory framework that social housing landlords work within. We are also allowed to develop some practices to meet the needs of the community we are part of. And we are required to give an appropriate level of priority to households in urgent need such as those at risk of homelessness. The Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 has introduced some changes that will come into effect this year to make sure that those people most in need are helped to find a home. So we plan to update our Allocations Policy and are keen to hear from our tenants as part of this. All tenants are very welcome to join the next meeting of the Tenants Forum at Prospect on Wednesday 19th June from 5PM to 7PM when we will be discussing the policy and proposed changes. We will also be sending out a consultation survey and collecting feedback over the next 6 weeks in different ways so look out for further details on how you can share your views.

For more information contact Contact Catherine Louch, Housing Manager by email:, or phone 0131 458 5480

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