Success for local pub in Sighthill Cup 2019

The Sighthill Cup 2019 took place at Sighthill Bowling Club on Saturday 3 August 2019. Four teams of six took part in the competition, with 3 of them from local pubs, the Silver Wing, Crofters,  Artful Dodger as well as a team from Sighthill Bowling club. 

Last years winners the Silver Wing, held a shield for a year after great success ing 2018, with an added Carrot of being the winners of the Sighthill Cup for the first time.  The winning team this year was the Artful Dodger, who destroyed all the teams on the way to lifting the trophy for the first time. 

John “Yaba” Moyles who captained the Artful Dodger to victory over Sighthill bowling club in the final said:

It was a great competition with really good teams, we were just better on the day and we feel we can keep the trophy for many more years to come.  

In addition to the tournament being held at Sighthill BC,  £200 was raised for the children’s Christmas party. The marvellous winning team was made up of Sas Martinez, James Walker, Andy Duff , Ross Henry, Yaba Moyles (skip) and Alan Clack.

Roll on 2020

Article submitted by Sas Martinez    

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