Edible Estates launching Community Lunch

Edible Estates, in partnership with the Health Agency, Canal View Primary School and Holy Trinity Church will be holding a free community lunch on Fridays from 6 March 2020, 12.30pm – 1.30pm.

The lunches will include fresh veg grown by a team of local volunteers in the Murrayburn & Hailesland Neighbourhood Garden as well as produce grown and harvested by pupils from Canal View Primary from their ‘Canal View Crops’ school farm project.

The Bridge Community Cafe have offered to host the lunch and are working with South West Edible Estates, Tasting Change and a team of local volunteers to prepare, cook and deliver a nutritious, seasonal and very tasty lunch. Everyone is welcome so please come along.

For more information contact Alan on 07999 734 776 or alan@edibleestates.co.uk.

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