Race equality, employment and skills public inquiry

The Scottish Parliament Equalities and Human Rights Committee is looking for your VIEWS.

What is being done in Scotland to make sure that people from Minority Ethnic Communities have the same employment and training opportunities as everyone else?

The Scottish Parliament Equalities and Human Rights Committee has representatives of different political parties on it. It holds the Scottish Government to account on its equalities and human rights law and policy. The Committee wants to hear your views on what can be done to improve employment and skills opportunities for people from Minority Ethnic Communities in Scotland.

As part of this inquiry into race equality, employment and skills, the inquiry will involve: 

  • written submissions 
  • public engagements with the committee 
  • panels of witnesses in Committee meetings

The call for written views will close on Friday 17 April 2020

Please complete the survey here.

Surveys can be submitted in any language.

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