Holy Trinity Church Online Money Course

Wester Hailes Holy Trinity Church will be holding their CAP Money Course online for the first time ever from Thursday 23 April 2020, 7.00pm.

We are aware that, for many of us just now, our financial situation may have changed dramatically for various reasons. Throuh our partnership with Christians Against Poverty UK, we run the CAP Money Course to help people get to grips with their finances.

We’d love to be able to support you during this time as a Church, and this course is just one of the practical things we can offer. There will be absolutely no expectation of you sharing anything of your situation with the whole group, although if you would like some 1-1 support/ chats we can easily arrange that for you.

The course will be running over 3 weeks. To sign up to the course, email chrishoskins@capuk.org. Once you have confirmed your interest in the course, Chris will get you registered, at which point a copy of the delegate workbook will be emailed to you for you to work though, you will also be emailed the details of how to join the online discussion.

You can find out more about CAP Money here.

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