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The Corra Foundation is asking people across Scotland to share their stories on how the Coronavirus is impacting them, the effects it has had on your lives, how communuties have come together and what can be done in the future to ‘build back better’.

Corra believes that when people speak out about things that matter to them, they can make real change happen.We’d love to hear from you, especially if you don’t feel your voice is being heard.

We can give you the support you need to tell your story. This could be through a short blog, video, voice note, or a chat with one of the Corra team.

Some of the questions you could think about are:

  • What have you found most challenging?
  • What has changed most in your life?
  • How have you or other people in your community been supporting each other?
  • Is there anything that has given you hope during the crisis?
  • What do you think should be different about Scotland after this crisis is over?
  • What needs to change to make things better than they were before?

Here are some ways to help capture your thoughts and feelings:

  • Share photos(you could take these on your phone).
  • Write a blog, a poem, a short quote,share a diary entry.
  • Through Art:a painting, a drawing or sketch, a cartoon.
  • A video diary or audio file using your phone.
  • Record a conversation between you and a friend or relative.

You can join in on the conversation online with #SameStormDifferentBoatvia Corra’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

These stories will help build up a picture of what’s happening in Scotland. We’ll try to make sure they’re heard by people who are making decisions now, and as we rebuild after the crisis.

As well as gathering and sharing stories, we’ll be thinking about how we can help people take part directly in discussions about what Scotland needs to look like in the future. If you have any ideas about this, we’d love to hear them.

Find out more information on Corra’s Community Stories Page. If you need help to do this, please email shasta@corra.scotand.

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