Explorers of Westburn Woods: Poem Reading

As part of WHALE Arts Creative Placemaking Project, local artist Pam Van De Brug is looking for volunteers to read a poem created by Wester Hailes resident Eoghan Howard.

We are making a video of a poem written by Eoghan Howard, called an Ode to Westburn Woods and are looking for people to record themselves (sound only) reading the poem. The video will show images and have music in the background. Would anyone in your household be willing to read the poem?  

We’re looking for one person from Calders, Clovenstone, Dumbryden, Hailesland and Harvester neighbourhoods. We already have someone from Westburn and Murrayburn.  No previous experience necessary!

You can view the poem here. Visit the Blog to read the other four poems that have been submitted as well as see photos of the Westburn Woods. You can also submit your own poem or story which will be usedto create the Explorers Guide to Westburn Woods.

If you have any questions or would like more information contact westburnwoods@gmail.com

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