Walking on the Moon at Westside Plaza?

WHALE Arts’ Creative Placemaking project has launched a consultation on a design for a commemorative paving slab which would be installed at Westside Plaza civic square as part of the upcoming renovation.

The heritage panel designs, created in parternship by local resident Eoghan Howard and Nicola Atkinson, depicts the moon alongside the first two lines from a poem created by Eoghan:

Remember back in ’69 when we were moving in, that one small step had just been made and ours would now begin

Nicola created the image of the moon based off of a photograph taken by local resident Emily Stevenson of the Blue Moon above Westburn Woods, due to the symbolic fact that the Moon Landing happened the same year that residents were moving in to Dumbryden.

Have a look at the full consultation pack below, or download it for a closer look here. If you could let them know your thoughts and which of the designs you prefer by contacting creativeplacemaking@whalearts.co.uk or text ‘Design 1’ or ‘Design 2’ to 07926613472. The closing date for the consultation is Friday 19th June 2020.


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