WHALE Arts’ Treasured Tree is Blooming with Creativity

The Treasured Tree is starting to flourish with new Leaves and Blossom created from scratch by all members of WHALE Arts’ Adult Programmes. 

Straight after receiving the news that everywhere had to close to keep people safe at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff and collaborators from WHALE Arts quickly adapted to the situation with several online meetings where ideas like the Art Tree Project soon became a reality.

Focused on making a positive impact on the new lockdown lifestyle of the participants from the artistic programmes at WHALE, who visit the building on a weekly basis, the leaders of the adults programmes came together. They designed three Art Packs with a variety of crafty materials and clear instructions for everyone to create a Leaf, Blossom and Fruit for a collaborative artwork: The Treasured Tree.  

Everything is going to plan so far it’s been delivered and collected right from the participants’ doors. We are gathering little treasures. The Tree is gathering shape!

The third and last Treasured Tree pack is stuffed with everything needed to make the final symbolic piece of the magical tree – a Fruit of their choice. The best way to end the Summer, making beautiful fruits for a symbolic tree of collaboration and hope. 

Meet the Artwork and Participant’s Views

The people who are taking part in the Treasured Tree Project come from different backgrounds and participants from WHALE Arts different adult groups SmARTcraft, Let’s Create, Stitch ‘n’ Time and Mums into Business. This project suits them all! It has been designed to provide artistic activity to keep participants entertained with creativity. 

The people involved have said:

It was nice to have something to focus on”, and that they have Such a feeling to get the opportunity to stitch in this modern time. 

This has also been a chance to share their creativity with their families, one person told us

I got the kids involved, they were cheering when opening the pack and we made the blossom together

and their friends, 

I’m not in the mood for crafts but I know my pal enjoyed every bit!

WHALE Arts and the Treasured Tree team are delighted to have made something which creates a little joy in their groups’ lives and hearing that 

It feels like X-mas, getting presents at the door!

is definitely a result we are celebrating!

The Treasured Tree is now at its last stage, in full bloom. Just one step closer to see the end piece of Art glowing and displayed in the building in September. Do you get an idea what it would look like? Can’t wait!

The Treasured Tree Project is a co- production of “Growing Our Own Artists” led by artist-in-residence Morvern Odling, made possible by funds from Creative Scotland and the William Grant Foundation. 

Article Written by Sindy Santos

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