Prospect Debt Advice Project

Prospect Community Housing are working with other housing partners to provide a specialist debt advice project to help their tenants.

We know that many tenants have been affected by the pandemic and now face challenging economic circumstances. Thanks to support from the Scottish Communities Recovery Fund, we are able to continue to deliver this important service. Partners from ARCHIE have developed a shared service across Edinburgh, with the debt advice being provided by CHAI who are an accredited advice agency and one of our key partners. Tenants facing multiple debt situations can now be referred to CHAI’s friendly and approachable advisor who will provide free and independent specialist advice.

She is able to help with creditor negotiations, advise on debt options, draw up payment plants, and give guidance on applications to Trust Deeds, the Debt Arrangement Scheme and sequestration.

Prospect’s Welfare Rights Officer Fiona McLuckie is able to refer Prospect tenants to the service. If you are a Prospect tenant you can contact Fiona on 07908951297 or email

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