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Local Community Wealth Builder Gemma Smith has recently started her new post; as a welcome and to let people know a bit more about her work she has launched a blog on the Go Beyond website.

There have been two posts so far the first breaks down what i work Gemma will be doing, the second details a little more about what is Commnuity Wealth Building.

Though it’s a new project and role, Community Wealth Building (or CWB for short) is something that’s already happening across lots of areas and communities – it just hasn’t been named as such, until now!

The main goal is this, what do communities, people and businesses want for their areas, spaces and places which will benefit them financially? And how do we collaboratively work together to make that happen? Well, that’s part of my new role – to find out these answers and help to make these things a reality. The fundamental thing, though, is that it starts with the communities.

The 5 “pillars” of CWB are listed as follows:

– socially productive use of land, property and assets

– making financial power work for places

– plural ownerships of the economy

– progressive procurement of goods and services

– fair employment and just labour markets.

Read the full blogs on the Go Beyond website here, and be sure to say hello to Gemma if you see her.

Go Beyond is a network of trusted local voluntary sector partners who work locally within our communities, using digital tools to share knowledge and coordinate resources. We support each other, share a common purpose and strive to create spaces of hope, dignity and respect.

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