Hailesland Early Years Vacancies

The City of Edinburgh Council are recruiting for several Early Years Vacancies at Hailesland Early Years Centre.

The posts are:

  • A full-time Early Years Practicioner, working 36 hours per week with a salary of £22,129 – £26,393 per year fixed term until 30 June 2022.
  • A full-time Early Years Officer, working 36 hours per week with a salary of £26,393 – £31,484 per year fixed term until 30 June 2022.
  • A part-time Early Years Officer, working 18 hours per week with a salary of £26,393 – £31,484 per year (pro-rata for part time) fixed term until 30 June 2022.

Early Years Practicioner Job Activities

  • Where appropriate act as a key worker for a designated individual or group of children and young people by taking the lead responsibility for them, ensuring they are comfortable and secure in their surroundings and are afforded every
    opportunity to acquire and develop skills appropriate to their age and ability. In doing so being sensitive to circumstances at home and in the family by working in partnership with parents/carers in the care/education of their children and young people.
  • Contribute to the building of developmental profiles of children and young people in an educational setting through the use of observations and other appropriate methods of assessment, recording results, being jointly responsible for maintaining records pertaining to each individual’’ care and development, recognising that such profiles are available to parents and appropriate colleagues and other professionals with parental approval.
  • Participate in discussions and other forms of communication with parents to ensure they are kept informed about their children’s progress.
  • Support children and young people in using ICT as part of their learning. Use
    ICT where relevant in preparing resources and other work-related activity.
  • Undertake routine administration tasks such as photocopying, collecting and keeping simple records of class monies, etc.
  • Staff may find from time to time that they are responsible for the collection of money (snack, outings, fundraising and enterprise).
  • On an individual and/or team basis be aware of and act on, any additional support needs, for example learning, dietary, medical, emotional and/or behavioural and provide appropriate care/support through implementation of
    individual care/learning plans, with the guidance of the Headteacher/teacher/Centre Manager of his/her deputy and within the policy guidelines of the Council e.g. Behaviour Management. Work collaboratively within a multi-disciplined team (e.g. speech and language therapist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist).
  • Many of the children have physical disabilities and require careful handling. Some have challenging behaviours that means that staff have to be alert and ready to respond to sudden outbursts of aggression
  • Be committed to working in an environment which promotes social inclusion and be aware of the particular requirements of children and young people with additional needs.
  • To promote equality and be aware of diversity issues ensuring that every child and young person experiences a supportive and caring ethos.
  • Be actively involved in a programme of development with individuals in relation to their self-help skills, toilet training, toileting, dressing skills, personal care, eating skills and mobility training. Where children and young people have not
    yet developed these skills provide care and support or them.
  • Encourage children and young people’s language and communication development and be aware of ways to stimulate language and communication through play, books, stories, alternative communication systems and by personal interaction.
  • Encourage children and young people’s development in other curricular areas where relevant, including outdoor learning.
  • As an individual or as a part of a team be responsible for setting up equipment and working with children and young people in both indoor and outdoor play areas, set up and clear playroom, classroom and outdoor play areas.
  • Contribute to the care and maintenance of equipment and apparatus including visual and aural aids.
  • Assist in securing a safe, secure and hygienic environment for children and young people.
  • Staff are required to undertake the food hygiene course regularly and be aware of children with special dietary requirements
  • Encourage children and young people to participate in the preparation of snacks and simple meals and when involved in supervising mealtimes, be aware of the emotional, personal and social developmental opportunities this
  • Participate in the wider work with parents and where considered appropriate, take a lead role in this work.
  • Attend to the immediate/basic need for comfort and care of children and young people when injured/ill, completing appropriate record according to Council policy.
  • Provide visiting specialists with information for their records.
  • Adhere to the Council Policy and Procedures on Child Protection.
  • Participate in staff development and review.
  • Participate in appropriate staff meetings and training sessions in order to ensure the smooth and effective running of the nursery school/class/centre/unit.
  • Continuously improve his/her individual skills, utilising interests and expertise in music, drama, movement, arts and crafts, literature and environmental studies, or other skills and interests, as appropriate, and use these to assist in
    the delivery of the curriculum.
  • Undertake a programme of continuing professional development activity, in line with Council policies and procedures, based on and greed plan which will support and improve individual and/or group skill, knowledge and ability in
    furtherance of the provision of an effective service
  • Keep professional knowledge up to date including current initiatives and developments

Early Years Officer Job Activities

  • Act as a key worker for a designated individual or group of children. In doing so being sensitive to circumstances at home and in the family in partnership with parents/carers in the care/education of their children.
  • Review the needs of individual children using agreed criteria to set objectives for each child. Develop appropriate plans as required. (Care/Individual Education Plans/Personal Learning Plans)
  • Work as part of a team to plan and manage the workload. Input to the development and implementation of an appropriate curriculum in response to the requirements of the Birth to Three Framework and Curriculum for Excellence.
  • Where appropriate provide personal care for babies and children, including toileting, bathing and feeding. Administer medication as required within Departmental policy. Maintain first aid/medical records.
  • Develop and maintain strong, collaborative and positive partnership working arrangements with other key professionals and agencies.
  • Promote the welfare and wellbeing of children. Understand and follow Child Protection guidelines. Understand the effects of and commitment to inclusion, diversity, social justice and anti-discrimination.
  • Where appropriate, attend and contribute to case conferences and other reviews of children for whom the postholder is the keyworker.
  • Be responsive to guidance and codes of practice.
  • Build effective and sensitive transition programmes/arrangements for children and parents/carers from home into the centre and centre into school.
  • Write reports eg transition reports, progress reports for parents and where appropriate reports to case conferences.
  • Assist in the management of records using required IT systems.
  • Promote confidence and wellbeing in parents/carers and families eg by making referrals to other services such as health care and skills training.
  • Engage and involve parents/carers, families and local communities in the life of the service eg by making visits and trips, sharing facilities, open days.
  • Where appropriate undertake outreach work in parents’/carers’ own homes to advise them on childcare issues. Use observations made in the home visit to adapt care provision accordingly. Where appropriate undertake risk assessments on initial home visits.
  • Participate in self evaluation information, improvement planning, including identifying and responding to identified gaps in service provision.
  • Work with multidisciplinary teams eg health visitor, occupational therapy etc to plan, structure and evaluate support for individual children.
  • Contribute to a learning community including supporting and mentoring other staff in the team, and giving support to students learning in the workplace.

All of the posts are considered regulated work with vulnerable children and/or Protected Adults under the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) act 2007. Preferred candidates will be required to join the PVG Scheme or undergo a PVG Scheme update check prior to a formal offer of employment being made by City of Edinburgh Council.

The closing date for applications for the roles are 26 October 2021. You can read the full job descriptions and apply for the posts online, links to each job advertisement are available above.

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