Sessional Youth Worker Vacancy

The Youth Agency are recruiting part-time sessional Youth Worker posts.

The posts are permanent working 5 -15 hours per week with a salary of £10 – £12 per hour.

Our youth work is informed by a set of beliefs, which include a commitment to equal opportunities, and to young people as partners in learning and decision making. We believe that the needs, abilities and aspirations of young people should be recognised, understood and met within a supportive environment, which encourages them to achieve their goals and make real measurable progress.

The Youth Agency strives to promote, establish and operate sustainable services and facilities, which integrate environmental, social and economic factors for the benefit of young people aged 8-25, within Wester Hailes and the surrounding communities of Broomhouse, Sighthill, Parkhead and Longstone.


  • Relieve poverty and disadvantage.
  • Advance learning.
  • Further participation and citizenship.

Service Objectives

  • Drop In Provision: Improve access to recreational opportunities for all young people and to challenge disadvantage and discrimination.
  • Detached: Promote the participation of excluded young people and create new opportunities to further their individual and collective interests.
  • Environmental: Encourage young people to discover, explore and protect the natural environment.
  • School Work: Promote positive attitudes to learning and encourage young people to engage in new and existing learning opportunities.
  • Groupwork: Provide varied and flexible programmes informed by the needs and ideas of young people.
  • Individual Support: Ensure young people are assisted to find support most appropriate to their situation

You can read the full job description and apply for the post online here. The closing date for applications is 28 October 2021.

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