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WHALE Arts are running a project called the Considerate Path User campaign, it ties in with City of Edinburgh Council’s Paths For Everyone campaign and is about encouraging people to use the shared paths in a way that is more considerate to other users.

The idea for the project came from the Wester Hailes, Sighthill and Broomhouse Active Travel Behaviour Change Action plan, co-produced by Sustrans and a steering group of local organisations, including WHALE. WHALE will be focusing on the Wester Hailes area.

The City of Edinburgh Council, Sustrans & WHALE would like to improve things for everyone to experience a more positive attitude towards using our local pathways, they are asking people to think about how they might adjust their behaviour, creating more positive attitudes to using the shared space.  Whatever you are doing, it’s simply about making a pledge which will ensure you become even more considerate to others with walking, cycling or jogging. 

The Considerate Path User campaign has been created by local people for local people in the hope that those working or living in the area take time to think about steps they can take as individuals, to make positive changes when using local pathways. These can be smaller changes such as taking off headphones and being aware of cyclists ringing their bells, wearing high visibility clothing to ensure safety later in the evening or cyclists reducing their speed when passing pedestrians. The purpose of shared use paths is for everyone to enjoy their free time and outdoor space whether on a commute to work or walking with friends and family.

As part of this campaign there is an opportunity to make a pledge about how you are going to use the pathways and a simple questionnaire to answer. WHALE will also be hosting two events on 2nd & 4th March 2022 to raise awareness of the campaign and to hear your thoughts and opinions on the matter of local shared path use. Wester Hailes Artist, Pam Van De Brug has created an artist map of the local area which we will share at these events. There will also be free refreshments and free high visibility gear and cycling accessories to give away.

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  1. It’s such a shame as cyclists use these paths mostly and zoom past just about knocking you off balance .. I don’t use them anymore!

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