Walk This Way with SCOREscotland

SCOREscotland are excited to announce Walk This Way, a new active travel initiative aimed at supporting active travel in the South West.

SCOREscotland will be working in partnership with Sustrans and the City of Edinburgh Council to create three signs, designed to improve connectivity between routes in the area, as well as three benches to sit and rest.

They are asking you where you would like to see these improvements, and will be holding several walks and feedback sessions going forward.

Part of the consultation they are doing is asking everyone to fill out a short survey here, aimed at finding interested people and judging the level of walking in the area. If you live or work in the Wester Hailes area and are interested to contributing or are a member of a group in the area, please contact. louisa@scorescotland.org.uk or message 07496190916.

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