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WHALE Arts is recruiting Arts & Wellbeing Programme Delivery Assistant to support the delivery of their adult programme and assist participants.

The post is fixed-term working 14 hours per week part-time until the end of March 2023 with a salary of £18,000 pro rata.

The Arts & Wellbeing Programme at WHALE Arts consists of a range of therapeutic, social, creative, self-directed and entrepreneurial groups. The overarching aim of the program is to promote, nurture and enhance people’s well-being by providing opportunities to make positive social connections and engage in a wide range of creative activities.

About the role

This is a new role set up to support the delivery of the Arts and Wellbeing programme at WHALE Arts. The day-to-day tasks will include a mix of hands-on practical support including: supporting groups on trips, organizing lunches, ensuring project registers are filled in and collected, and supporting group facilitators when needed; Logistical support including booking/coordinating transport for trips; Creative support including designing flyers for groups, events, or projects; and emotional support including supporting participants many of whom have complex and challenging lives. This is not an exhaustive list and there may be other tasks involved in the role.

The person we are looking for…

  • is a real people person
  • is resilient, flexible, and practical
  • can respond calmly and effectively in challenging situations
  • has excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • can connect and engage with people who have diverse interests, needs, and abilities
  • is hard working and a great team player,
  • treats people fairly and values the contributions others make,
  • appreciates diversity,
  • is open-minded and inclusive.

The person we are looking for will have experience of…

  • Working with people who have diverse and complex needs
  • Supporting the creative arts within a community setting
  • Supporting groups and individuals
  • Safeguarding – specifically in relation to vulnerable adults
  • Working on their own initiative within a larger creative team

They will also need to have…

  • The ability to build trust and to welcome all people including those with diverse needs, those from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds, and facing additional barriers
  • An understanding of complex needs in adults, mental health and wellbeing, and the specific challenges facing these groups
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills

Ideally but not essential, they will have…

  • A knowledge of Wester Hailes
  • An understanding of the issues facing people living in areas of deprivation
  • Experience in using the arts to address community issues

To apply for this role WHALE would like you to send a short statement describing why you feel you would be a great fit for the role with reference to the qualities, skills, and experiences highlighted above.

They ask you include an example of …

  • A time when you have had to deal with a challenging situation at work. Please tell us about the situation, what you did, and how the situation was resolved
  • A time when you have worked with/engaged with a group of people with diverse interests, needs, and abilities. Please tell us how you built trust with this group and describe any difficulties or challenges and how you addressed them
  • A safeguarding issue or incident that you have been involved with – please describe the issue/incident, what was your role, and how was the situation resolved?

You can submit your answers as a written document or an audio recording or a video

  • Written documents should be no more than 3 pages (A4)
  • Audio and video recordings should be no more than 5 minutes long

They also need you to provide details of two referees, including at least one previous employer

Please send your application, in whatever format you choose, by email to recruitment@whalearts.co.uk using Arts & Wellbeing program delivery assistant in the subject line. Please include details of your referees in your email.

If you have any questions about the role please email Kirsty, the Arts and Wellbeing Manager -kirsty@whalearts.co.uk

The deadline for applications is Monday of 18th July at 9.00 am. Interviews will take place in the week of the 25th of July.

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