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Edible Estates are looking to hire Community Gardener/s either sessional or PAYE to deliver workshops at community garden sites across Edinburgh.  

This may be one workshop/week or several, depending upon the availability of applicants.  For sessional (self-employed) work they would pay a rate of £20/hour for suitable qualified/experienced candidates.

Purpose of Job

To prepare, deliver and report on regular community garden workshops at sites across Edinburgh. To
help and support existing participants maintain and develop their community gardens, the majority of
which are growing edible crops. To engage new participants with existing community gardens and
help them to develop their gardening skills and knowledge. To support the development of new
community gardens in areas of Edinburgh lacking this provision.

Major Tasks

Workshops & Classes

  • Prepare and deliver regular (weekly/fortnightly/ monthly) workshops and courses at various
    community gardens. The frequency of these sessions will be determined by the needs of the
    particular garden and the times of the sessions by the availability of participants. This will require
    weekend and/ or evening working.
  • Prepare and deliver enjoyable, effective and safe Grow Your Own sessions and courses. These will
    run throughout the year but be appropriate for the time of year and be suitable for a range of
    abilities, knowledge and skills. They will give participants a working knowledge of food growing
    and enable them to manage a growing space of their own.
  • Deliver a series of community self build workshops during the construction phase of new
    community garden projects
  • Prepare and deliver a wide variety of garden maintenance workshops related to the goals of the
    project and the requirements of particular gardens.

Community Development, Promotion of Community Gardens & Site Management

  • Assist the Project Manager and Community Engagement Officer to promote gardens and engage
    with the local communities. E.g. Consulting with local residents either by door-to-door or at
    events, delivering flyers, etc
  • Work with participants to discuss, develop and implement, Health & Safety, Safe Space, and
    Growers Agreements etc. Our emphasis is upon raising the participants capacity to work
    together as a group to manage their own site.
  • Record workshop participation information and progress made in the gardens, including plenty of

Team and Partnership Working

  • Collaborate with other Edible Estates staff to deliver project goals.
  • Attend team meetings as required to report, discuss and develop the project.
  • Collate and regularly report workshop participation and progress to the Projects Manager.
  • Promote workshops and generate community interest in the gardens via social media and other
  • communication channels

Risk Assessment, Health and Safety

  • Liaise with Project manager to carry out Risk Benefit Assessments of all aspects of garden
  • Implement sensible and proportionate Health & Safety precautions to ensure safety of participants.
  • Raise awareness and teach methodologies in risk assessment and health & safety during all
    classes and workshops.


  • To operate within an Equal Opportunities Policy.
  • To carry out other reasonable duties deemed necessary by the Project Manager.
  • Evening and weekend duties as required.

You can read the full job description and download an application form from their website here. There is currently no deadline to applications.

For more information email steve@edibleestates.co.uk.

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