Tales from the Hailes: New Podcast Released

tales from the hailes Featured Image

The Edinburgh Art Festival in partnership with WHALE Arts have released a several episode podcast ‘Tales from the Hailes‘ as part of the Community Wellbeing Collective project.

The podcasts consists of four episodes where WHALE Arts’ Community Development project Lead Tiki Muir, has discussions with members of the community, from thoughtful and loving unpaid careers to insightful and brilliant young people of┬áSCOREscotland.

The podcast was produced by Halina Rifai.

From many conversations and connections, over a 9 month period, a group from Wester Hailes and connected areas began to crystallize around questions of wellbeing, establishing themselves as The Community Wellbeing Collective. An Edinburgh Art Festival 2022 commission produced in partnership with the WHALE Arts, the group has evolved into a programme and dedicated space called WATCH THIS SPACE, which has inspired this podcast. Welcome to Tales from the Hailes.

You can listen to the podcasts online here. It is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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