West Edinburgh Time Bank AGM on 17 February 2014

SONY DSCThe West Edinburgh Time Bank are holding their AGM on 17 February at Gate 55, Sighthill Road Edinburgh.

The purpose is to empower local people by exchanging skills and time.

They explain how it works on their website:-

How West Edinburgh Time Bank works

When you help someone in the time bank, you earn a “time credit” that you can use when you need a bit of help yourself. People help each other in all sorts of ways: gardening, shopping, cooking, computing, visiting, crafts, filling in forms, ironing, admin tasks, decorating. Everyone’s time is valued equally: 1 hour= 1 credit.

The great thing about the Time Bank is that everyone has something to offer. When new people start they are often surprised by how many skills they have.

We also have regular trips and get togethers so that everyone gets to meet each other

The Time Bank has over 160 members and a paid administrator.

This time bank also has an innovative way of fostering membership – as HMP Edinburgh is not far away the prisoners are also entitled to time credits for voluntary work carried out in prison which they donate to the time bank.

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