West Edinburgh Time Bank

West Edinburgh Time Bank held their AGM at Gate 55 on Monday 17 February 2014. They appointed two new board members, approved the audited accounts and agreed to change their structure to a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

The next Board meeting of West Edinburgh Time Bank will be held on 12th March at 2.30pm at the Healthy Living Centre.

If you are thinking of getting involved with the Time Bank you can get further information on their website here.

How West Edinburgh Time Bank works

When you help someone in the time bank, you earn a “time credit” that you can use when you need a bit of help yourself. People help each other in all sorts of ways: gardening, shopping, cooking, computing, visiting, crafts, filling in forms, ironing, admin tasks, decorating. Everyone’s time is valued equally: 1 hour= 1 credit.

The great thing about the Time Bank is that everyone has something to offer. When new people start they are often surprised by how many skills they have.

We also have regular trips and get togethers so that everyone gets to meet each other.


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