What is the Wester Hailes Library Crime Club reading this month?


The Wester Hailes Library Crime Club met this week, and the book they will be reading this month is ‘NYPD RED’ by James Patterson in collaboration with Marshall Karp. This is the first in a relatively new series from James Patterson (the second is available to buy but not yet in the library catalogue).

The NYPD RED in the title is an elite team in New York’s police department, handling the cases involving the most important and high profile individuals in the city. The main characters are Detective Zach Jordan and his partner Detective Kylie MacDonald, who is also his ex girlfriend.

The action takes place in the middle of a New York film festival, when a maniac begins a very public and brutal killing spree targeting Hollywood’s biggest stars. The detectives need to put their history aside to have a chance of stopping this homicidal psychopath before he brings New York City to its knees.

The club’s next meeting will be in the library at 6.30 on Monday 12 May 2014.

The Digital Sentinel spoke to Beth Watt the librarian to find out more about the book

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